Cloudforce Innovation Panel #flearn

One of the most quoted speakers from #cloudforce was pollenizer’s Mick Liubinskas who took a contrarian view in the innovation panel and encouraged participants to embrace a more productive form of #fail.

He described that core to the success of the startup company is the test/fail/learn iteration cycle.

This begets the question:

How do we create a corporate culture which learns to #flearn?

If something is broken it should be called out as broken, “@parkerharris – the words “thats just the way it is” or “thats just the way we do it” should not be in our corporate vocabulary.  Thats why we have groups in chatter like “Airing of Grievances”, we crave transparency.

Similarly the Commonwealth Bank #CAN campaign was described by CMO Andy Lark during the keynote as much about inspiring employees as customers, its about internalising the continuous improvement process in a single word and inspiring action in the workplace that leads to success.

These types of meme have long been used to unite purpose on public social networks, as you launch or manage your employee social network on chatter, build a purpose roadmap to provide direction and energy, but dont be afraid to #flearn and rapidly adjust your plan.

View the panel discussion here on ZDNet Australia – Mick’s comments are right up front.