Customers who engage over social media spend up to 40 % more and are 30% more loyal*

Tim Evans (@Tim__Evans) is a social media strategist for DT Digital in Melbourne, in this webinar he shares the top 5 tactics he sees done well by retailers who have a handle on social.

  1. socialise commerce, do not commercialise social –  as a retailer you already have a place where customers “buy things”, dont use your social channels to constantly ram coupons and offers at customers.  Instead listen for whats of interest for your target community and seek ways to engage in related conversation.  However if you have an ecommerce or traditional retail property think about how you can incorporate social here in terms of shares and likes.
  2. user reviews drive conversions – In Australia, 71% of people read other peoples’ reviews. Of people that read consumer comments 45% actually purchase the product and 30% visit the store/business.  Look forways to encourage or incentivise reviews.
  3. use common success metrics across departments – Socialising the enterprise is far easier said than done. It requires buy-in from many different departments, from IT to CSC to HR.
  4. socialise your call centre –  a great strategy for increasing engagement and decreasing cost through deflection.
  5. invest in agility – how long does it take to deploy a piece of culture? Invest in nimble processes, not stock.


* Source: Bain & Company, “Putting social media to work” 2011