at Marketo Social Media Rockstars EventWhen we think of when this current social revolution began, we instantly think of 2004-2006 the dawn of facebook or slightly earlier perhaps with MySpace, but in reality as we see from the Cluetrain Manifesto in 1999 (also the year salesforce started), it has been coming for much longer. The start of ecommerce in the mid nineties created the conditions for market conversations and started the ball rolling for a new age of marketing, perhaps the biggest change since the arrival of television.

I spoke about this revolution at the Marketo Australia launch you can see my slides with embedded reference links on Slideshare. Mareto is a marketing automation tool primarily for tracking revenue from inception, here are the 5 tips I gave to this group of Aussie marketers:

1. Set *business* goals, not #social goals.  Too often marketeers becomes obsessed by the medium and not the role the medium plays.  Don’t aim for success in successfully using the tool, but in making the tools deliver to your objectives. Heres a backgrounder on setting goals in social from Susan Etlinger.

2. Listen to your Customer’s World. The way to talk to customers is to understand their world and their pain-points.  Don’t talk about yourself, they aren’t interested.  Use monitoring tools like the Marketing Cloud to keep a close eye on developments in their world and talk to these. Here is a great video on using social for research and insights.

3. Prepare to engage at scale. Before switching on the channel prepare a plan to scale that channel.  There is nothing worse than opneing up a channel with customers and then failing to be responsive.  Have systems, procedures and policies in place to make sure that monitoring leads to responsiveness and effective engagement. Here are some tips from Jeremiah Owyang on scale without the growing pain.

4. Use the whole kitbag and integrate.  There is a plethora of Social channels at your disposal, use as many as you can, use them differently, but integrate them.  Link your blog to your Twitter feed.  Create imagery that you can share on Facebook and Pinterest.  Shoot Video that you can embed on your blog and host on You Tube.  But most importantly integrate them within a single strategy.

5. Measure Everything.  If it isn’t working it’s wasting resources that be better used elsewhere so measure the impact of everything you are doing.  If it isn’t working are you doing it right?  If you are doing it right but it still isn’t delivering value, then turn it off.  If it is working, collate the statistics that prove it, tell management and get more budget to amplify it with social advertising!  Here is an awesome session on social media ROI.

Helping Make Revenue Rockstars from Derek Laney