Salesforce Live: Asia was the first time that Salesforce brought our community together across all south east asian markets, it was an incredible to see a record 7073 registered attendees, and over 1.52M on Twitter joined us to hear from thought leaders, enjoy 73 local content sessions in 8 languages, ask questions of experts and get inspired by over 30 local customer stories from across ASEAN.

We were able to use the virtual format to reach markets never before able to be served and give voice to customers who would not otherwise be heard, I hope you enjoy it.

Live event available on demand for 60 days.

Salesforce Live: Asia ~ Explained

On our first planning call we decided we wanted this to feel like “Asia Together”. As the welcomes from our Asian leaders rolled for the opening sequence and the live rooms turned on with hundreds of individual speakers beaming across the internet from their individual homes and countries, I honestly felt like this was some kind of magic internet stardust in an otherwise quite challenging environment for Asia.

Salesforce Live: Asia

Behind the scenes the control centre was live linking London, New York, Singapore, Israel and Sydney with tech teams spanning every-time zone, so it felt like the world was truly with Asia.

Over the last few weeks our customers have let us into their homes, to rearrange their furniture and in some cases make arrangements for their pack of dogs, that is pretty special. There are so many individually remarkable stories, thanks go to all of the local teams, content leaders, room hosts, production teams and agency partners and wonderful customers.