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KBB Digital Thanks to our other panellistsĀ Michael Hardy, Deputy Commissioner from the ATO and Melanie Perkins, CEO from Canva for chatting today on Kochie’s Business Builders for an eclectic panel on Tax, Startups and Tech, oh my.

Watch it here.

I’m now a huge fan of the Canva app, I think they’ve nailed ease of use in design an area where there is no tool for the rest of us besides powerpoint or word. Check out Venture Hacks.

Also great to see the Tax department proactively engaging with the community, hats off to their comms team, that is a tough gig and they are really trying to be accessible to every Australian.

When normal people get together at work and decide to build an application to help them do their job something unnatural happens. People put aside the logic of how they organise anything in the real world and enter a strange ceremonial dance known as the lifecycle.
Super-human project managers beat requirements out of stakeholders, drive a team of BAs to accurately produce a mound of documents, whip developers and vendors to replicate this vision and then return to the stakeholders drenched in sweat only to find they do not understand the result or see it as fitting their needs.
So what is the solution, without taking out a certificate IV in agile methodology, how can we move enterprises to a better balance of participation versus preparation?  We need our IT professionals to learn as much about collaboration and prototyping as they do about workshops and diagramming and take advantage of tools like chatter and to deliver projects faster with more satisfaction.