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Salesforce Live: Asia was the first time that Salesforce brought our community together across all south east asian markets, it was an incredible to see a record 7073 registered attendees, and over 1.52M on Twitter joined us to hear from thought leaders, enjoy 73 local content sessions in 8 languages, ask questions of experts and get inspired by over 30 local customer stories from across ASEAN.

We were able to use the virtual format to reach markets never before able to be served and give voice to customers who would not otherwise be heard, I hope you enjoy it.

Live event available on demand for 60 days.

Salesforce Live: Asia ~ Explained

On our first planning call we decided we wanted this to feel like “Asia Together”. As the welcomes from our Asian leaders rolled for the opening sequence and the live rooms turned on with hundreds of individual speakers beaming across the internet from their individual homes and countries, I honestly felt like this was some kind of magic internet stardust in an otherwise quite challenging environment for Asia.

Salesforce Live: Asia

Behind the scenes the control centre was live linking London, New York, Singapore, Israel and Sydney with tech teams spanning every-time zone, so it felt like the world was truly with Asia.

Over the last few weeks our customers have let us into their homes, to rearrange their furniture and in some cases make arrangements for their pack of dogs, that is pretty special. There are so many individually remarkable stories, thanks go to all of the local teams, content leaders, room hosts, production teams and agency partners and wonderful customers.

World Tour Sydney was reimagined from a 10,000 capacity in-person experience to an 8-hour online experience in 10 business days. I hope you find this case study helpful as you create your own experiences now and in the future.

World Tour Sydney Reimagined reached 1.5+ million views across multiple platforms and viewing parties, including 86k+ views from Salesforce Live — the most ever for any Salesforce World Tour held globally.

We reimagined how to deliver inspiration, innovation, giving back and engagement in a new online format. Customers were activated like never before with 60+ Customers and Partners sharing their stories, across 100+ sessions, over 2 channels and an Online Expo attended by 3,600 with 3,380 check-ins for Demonstrations.

Full Salesforce World Tour 2020 Case Study

Content from the Asia Pacific conference of the Salesforce marketing Cloud, including recorded general sessions and slides from breakouts are now available at

If you are time poor, check out our quick event summary below:

Power 25 Marketing Leaders

It’s a well-worn phrase but it has never been as relevant as it is right now.

Talk to any marketing leader, whether they are a Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Digital Officer or Chief Executive Officer, and the conversation is the same: Change and how to deal with it.

Reflected in our new Power 25 book is the future of our industry: a group of intelligent and innovative individuals, equally capable of crunching the numbers and developing creative strategies, blessed with an ingrained understanding of the consumer and strong vision for the future.

I hope you enjoy learning from Asia Pacific’s most innovative leaders, because these are individuals who are paving the way for the next generation of leaders.


Credit: Ryan Bonnici for the curation and production, nice job


Audience is a thought provoking reframe of the methods for utilising earned media by my colleague Jeffrey K. Rohrs (He assures me, he was using JKR well before Quidditch was conceived). Jeff believes those who attract audiences rather than renting those of others using paid media are at a significant competitive advantage.

Taking a cross channel lens, partly influenced by his time with the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, Jeff lays out a path to building audiences which first examines the different behaviour of SEEKERS, JOINERS and AMPLIFIERS and how they relate to SUBSCRIBERS, FANS and FOLLOWERS.

Filled with interesting examples and easy to follow thinking, Audience is a must for any marketer seeking to utilise content marketing or social media marketing or those looking to understand how to build earned media.

I particularly like the section on “the Art of Asking”, discussing the ideas of Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls who moved to a fan-based funding model for her work which creates a value exchange between her and those whose couch she crashes at while couch-surfing her way around the world on one of her many tours.

Also recommended for sometimes lamented email-marketers looking to find swagger to go with their highly effective digital activities. A channel is just a channel an audience is the object.

Check it out on kindle now

Or join Jeff and Myself at Dreamforce where we’ll be hearing the tale live (hopefully spoken-word style wearing smoking jackets). There will be shows at 11:30AM and 3PM, try the veal



Thanks to Tracy Harris at Austrade for having the marketing cloud at AIEC to share some ideas on social media marketing. It was a pleasure to join Andrew Bognar who shared some of the programs that NAB are running including the social media command centre. The stories that ring true for me for those in international education are pictured in the slides below.

  1. Lorna Jane – shows the importance of a strong content strategy, evergreen content pillars like Move, Nourish Believe combined with a kitbag of great social media tactics, has Lorna one of the best social marketing brands in Australia today.
  2. Shangri-La Hotels – have realised the importance of a local brand given the breadth of their operations across asia, europe and the middle east, they need to demonstrate local knowledge while maintaining a luxury asian brand. The local property manager owns the local social sentiment and is accountable for engagement.
  3. Tourism Australia – teaches us about creating content platforms which are big ideas that create a platform for many executions. They also use partnerships incredibly well to gain additional reach, funding and relevance.

Australian International Education Conference – Social Marketing from Derek Laney

Burberry for all their digital cleverness, knows the power of In Real Life, its tactile and sensual. Check out their story here.

Which is why IRL is such an important part of any digital campaign. I love what Sydney Opera House is doing recently with real cool real life experiences. I loved El Loco bar in the forecourt over summer and I am loving this live broadcast on youtube from the opera house steps from two local rock legends and my personal faves.

So when your designing your next uber-cool digital campaign, remember to keep it real. Using a compelling event like a live broadcast release is a great way to build interest and extend the life of your content.  For another great example, checkout salesforce live during a big event like dreamforce.

Available from SOH for the next 30 days…coolness