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Burberry for all their digital cleverness, knows the power of In Real Life, its tactile and sensual. Check out their story here.

Which is why IRL is such an important part of any digital campaign. I love what Sydney Opera House is doing recently with real cool real life experiences. I loved El Loco bar in the forecourt over summer and I am loving this live broadcast on youtube from the opera house steps from two local rock legends and my personal faves.

So when your designing your next uber-cool digital campaign, remember to keep it real. Using a compelling event like a live broadcast release is a great way to build interest and extend the life of your content.  For another great example, checkout salesforce live during a big event like dreamforce.

Available from SOH for the next 30 days…coolness

My favourite hobby is learning weird skills, its the reason why I am setting up Lunatriks the centre for kids who want to learn non-monetizable skills to impress their friends.

Surfing Lesson October 2012 from Derek Laney on Vimeo.

I think professionally and personally learning new skills expands your mind and keeps your mind open.

Experiencing new things is key to business and is the key to innovation.

This week I was excited to join this year’s students for a music workshop to kickoff’s BizAcademy program. Every year I feel like I’m getting the better deal in the mentor-mentee relationship and from my amazing friends Nick and Bartek I have learned so much.

The music workshop was borrowed from a great program run by Liz and the gang at Mission Australia creative youth initiatives, its objective is to write and record an epic anthem in 2 hours and follows the songwriting process from lyric creation to recording. The conversation was full of wise cracks from volunteer employees who were trying hard not to show how nervous they were. Luckily for us we lucked on some great student talent and “halcyon days” was soon pumping out. I need to work on my creativity; I’m getting dull in comparison to these bright sparks.


rockstar gag photo – moody intensity (credit: Stefan Petersen)

If you have never considered mentoring, I suggest you find a place for it. Remember that time in your life when you were just getting started and the working world felt like a massive impenetrable mystery, its easy to get discouraged. In addition the best way to learn is to try and teach I think, its not something I think I am naturally good at, but the challenge stretches me in different ways to my day job. Best of luck to the crew as we get into the business end next week.

BizAcademy partners with community partners headspace and CP Alliance to deliver this great program, if you’d like to know more drop me a line in the comments or @derektweets.

My first GoPro effort, I took it out on the unicycle while Pearl road her bike around Oatley Park.

This camera is awesome, makes everything look extreme.

Unicycle by GoPro from Derek Laney on Vimeo.